The Lawnmower Chronicles – Episode 3

I hired the job out. But not to a lawn service.

One of the young actors in Romeo and Juliet, who is a former student, decided to live locally rather than in Buffalo. And he was looking for odd jobs. So I packaged up a deal for him and another colleague, and he will be taking care of those lawns until he leaves town.

The lawnmower is still in the shop, so I am in effect renting my colleague’s machine when my lawn needs mowing. The wet weather put a strain on the last cut, as my hired help had to stop frequently to clear out the accumulated wet grass around the blade. As of this writing, the lawn needs another cut, and the weather appears to be getting drier for the near future. But it won’t be me behind the mower. I will probably be thinking deeper thoughts in front of my computer. Or else napping.

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